Top 10 most beautiful places in the world

For most of us the most beautiful places in the world there are only photographs, maps, books and the Internet. Others have the opportunity to travel to the most amazing places on the planet.

We offer you the ten most beautiful places that will take your breath away, whether you will be able to visit them or you are curious to look behind the beauty of nature just a picture.


10. Uluru, Australia


Located in the center of the continent, Mount Uluru, also known as Red Mountain is one of the largest rock formations and probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

9. Amazon River, South America


The river is located in the northern part of South America and is the second largest in the world. Tropical landscape around it gives it a ninth place in the ranking.

8. Tibet, Asia


Tibet is a place known for its temples, surrounded by high peaks that separate the land of silence from the rest of the planet.

7. Serengeti Africa


Serengeti is one of the largest national parks in Africa, situated in the savanna of northern Tanzania. In the local language Serengeti means “endless party” but we also added beautiful!

6. Machu Picchu, South America


Machu Picchu is one of the most important features that have left the Incas. Located in Peru as interesting is that this ancient city is located on the top of mountain, 2.7 km high.

5. Tuscany, Italy


Landscapes of Tuscany is one of the best because of the beautiful green valleys and for sunny days, giving a typical situation for Italy.

4. Delta of the Dunav river , Europe


Dunav  is the second largest river in Europe. It passes through four European capitals and ten countries, and flows into the Black Sea through the beautiful delta in the world. The majority of this space is located in Romania.

3. Mediterranean coast, Europe


Whether it’s for Greece, Croatia, Italy, France or Spain, the Mediterranean coast is one of the most beautiful places. White houses, exotic plants, crystal clear water and golden sands are worth every penny if you decide to visit them.

2. Yangtse River, China


One of the most exotic and wild places on the planet where you can see a river Yangtse, located in China. It is the third largest river in the world.

1. Maldives, Indian Ocean


We reach number 1 on our list. These are the Maldives, situated in the Indian Ocean. The place is known for its amazing beaches and crystal clear water surrounding the small islands.','ga